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Steps in Treating a Severe Head Trauma

A victim of severe head trauma should seek medical treatment as soon as possible after the head or brain injury has occurred.  A victim of severe head injury that shows any of the symptoms associated with moderate or severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) should be rushed to a hospital or medical facility where he/she can receive crucial medical attention.

The initial damage from a severe head trauma cannot be undone but much can be done in the early stages after a severe head injury.  The best way to limit the brain injury or its devastating and damaging affects is to treat the TBI as soon as possible after a severe head trauma has occurred.

•    The first thing is to stabilize the victim
•    The second is to prevent additional injury or damage to the brain
•    The third is to ensure the brain is getting enough oxygen
•    The fourth is to make sure the blood flow to the rest of the body is maintained
•    The fifth is to control the victim’s blood pressure

Imaging tests must be performed on the victim of a severe head injury in order to make any determinations as to the extent of damage from the brain injury and the hope of recovery for the patient of the TBI.  The victim’s head and neck will have to be x-rayed to determine the damage.  These x-rays will reveal any bone fractures or damage to the cervical vertebrae.  More severe case of TBI may require a computed tomography (CT) scan or CAT scan.  This scan is more detailed and can show any fractures or damage to the brain or cervical vertebrae by allowing the doctor to see slices of the affected area in minute detail.   

The doctor will then customize a program of rehabilitation that may include involves individually d treatment programs in the areas of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/language therapy, psychology/psychiatry, physiatry (physical pain therapy), and family or social support therapy.

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