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Common Disabilities Associated With Severe Head Injury

Anyone that has suffered a severe head injury should seek immediate medical attention or any victim of a head trauma should seek medical treatment as soon as possible to limit the disabilities associated with severe head injuries.  A victim of moderate or severe head trauma that is displaying any of the symptoms of moderate or severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) will need medical diagnosis as soon as possible to limit the damage and curve the extent of long-term disabilities that can arise from such a life threatening injury.

A severe head injury can cause a lot of damage from the initial impact or penetration of the brain but much can be done in the moments after to limit the long-term damage that acquired brain injury or severe head injury can cause if left untreated.

It estimated that about fifty percent of all severe head injuries will require some sort of surgery.  This surgery can involve the restoration of damaged blood vessels, the removal of hematomas, or the treatment of contusions that may leave bruises on the brain tissue.

Acquired brain injuries or traumatic brain injuries can result in disabling injuries that may require years of therapy and treatment to overcome if possible.  The disabilities are determined by the severity of the head injury and the place on the head where the injury took place.  The age and health of the victim will also play a role in the outcome and recovery of the victim.

Common disabilities associated with severe head injuries include:

  • Cognitive problems including memory, thinking, and reasoning
  • The victim may be caught in a state of stupor or unresponsive
  • Difficulty with sensory processing including problems with sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste
  • Communication problems including expression and understanding
  • Problems with behavior or mental health including depression, personality changes, anxiety, aggression, acting out, and inadequate social behavior
  • The victim may be easily aroused by strong stimulus like sharp pain
  • Unconsciousness or coma including a prolonged vegetative state

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